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Are you a true alpha?
find out if your a true alpha

1. Do you have control over your friends?
duh! who doesn`t?
i have control over some of my friends
i don`t have any friends
2. What is your favorite color?
purple.duh the official color of royalty`s girly and everbody loves it
other colors. like light pastels
other colors like dark deathly colors
3. Are you so popular, when you switch to a different table, it`s cause people are following you?
yea.that happens everyday
no.when i sit down *they* switch tables
4. Do people like you for you?
no.they like me for other stuff
no. everybody hates me unless you count goth/emo kids
5. Do you start trends or follow them?
i start them!
follow them
i think of how crazy they`re being

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Times Taken:7,728
Created on:5/3/2008 8:40:41 PM
Made by:XiheartboysX

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