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which transformers rotf autobot are u
awsome transformers quiz

1. if a decepticon attacks what do u do
blast him
cut him
beat him with ur fists
bore him to death
2. if ur stuck on the freeway what do u do
jump over cars
push cars aside gently
honk over and over
wait till it thins out then drive thru
3. a human is about to be squished what do u do
roll in and save him
run, slide, and grab him
cut decepticon to peices
distract decepticon
4. the fallen has the matrix how do u get it back
takle him
slide kick him
blast his arm
cut his arm off
5. will u pm or comment on this(dosen`t affet outcome)
6. will u pm me( girls only)if ur a guy just select no(non affect)
7. surronded by decepticons what do u do
jump over them
think up a complex plan to distract them
slice them down and roll away
transform and run them down

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Created on:10/24/2009 9:53:53 PM
Made by:gameboy124

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