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Which Totally Spies Character are you?
Clover, Sam, or Alex? Which one are you? (e)

1. Most important thing at school?
Meeting the cute guys
Getting the best grades
Trying out for the sports teams
Hanging with your friends
2. What you like to do after school?
Play a few sports or just chill at home
Finish homework, tidy up, and then you`ll hang out with friends
Shopping. Duh?
3. Your favorite music?
Pop/the newest music out there?
Dance music
4. Your biggest enemy
The popular girl always getting in your face about how you look.
None, really.
The goalie in that net. You`ll get the ball in, just wait and see.
5. You wish that...
you would get an A+ on that next test
you will win that next game
there would be the biggest sale at your favorite mall

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Created on:8/22/2007 6:53:11 PM
Made by:xena123

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