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Top gear quiz (Hard) quiz. COmment and tell me what u got plez, oh nd no cheating Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Top gear quiz (Hard)
COmment and tell me what u got plez, oh nd no cheating

1. Why is captain slow an ironic name for james may?
because he speeds alot
hes not called that
its not ironic
because hes 1 of a handfull that have maxed a bugati varon
2. What is the name of the producer?
Andy Wilman
Barry rockworth
callum franks
3. Do they broadcast tg in Estonia?
Yes chanel 36
Yes tv6
wheres that
4. What must a car be able to do to get on the power laps board?
go round corners
go fast
go over speed bumps
fit 4 or more people in it
5. the GM HyWire was roadtested when?
series 2 episode 9
series 7 episode 6
series 4 episode 1
6. What is the song called that is on the opening credits?
Songs of cars
Jessica (lol)
7. In the original run of the series what person(who is now a wildlife presenter)jointly presented the show?
Kate Humble
Bill oddie
simon king
8. What year was the show FIRST realesed?
9. When was the preasent run of the show first released?
20 september 2002
20 october 2002
20 november 2002
10. plez rate and comment (soz but it does affect)

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