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Tom-boy or Girly-girl? (girls only, duh)
Are you a tough girl or a shopping girly?

1. Are you ok with getting dirty??
no, ewwwwwww, never!
yeah! its fun most of the time
2. will you try new foods even if they look gross?
XP ewwwww, never
eeh, sometimes
all the time, i like to explore my tastes.
3. Do you carry a bag or a purse.??
purse all the way!!
a bag
4. What kind of shoes??
Sneaker all the time.
Dress shoes.
5. What kind of clothes do you wear?? (pick the closest thing)
Baggy pants +sweater and tight shirt.
skirt+ leggings, hollister shirt
6. What kind of pets do you like??
Small and furry, thay are soo cute!
I like big animales, if not strong.
i like all animals!!!! >_<
7. Do you like shopping??
sometimes. depends for what
8. Do you like to play sports???
yeah!! go-team-go!!!
noooooo!!!! i might break a nail!!
yeah!!! most of them, i like to keep in shape
9. Do you wear make-up??
hell no!
totally, wouldn`t live without it!!
special occations.
10. What your favorite color???
nature colors
metalic colors

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Created on:5/28/2007 7:25:50 PM
Made by:Green258

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