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How to get girls to like you (guys)
well, any clueless guys?

1. Are you currently in a relationship?
2. If you are, is it going well? Is there a problem between the two of you?
yes and no
no and yes
3. Well, during ur relationship, are you spending most of the time looking at her breasts or a$$? or do u respect her?
yes and no
no and yes
4. If you want some advice, please either pm me or leave a comment. Or if you want to tell me to F*ck off, thats fine 2.
f off
5. Girls like it when you listen to them, find things that they like, and or compliment their hair or eyes. (only really if you are involved with the person)
all right get on with it
6. If your having difficulties, try ASKING HER WHAT IS WRONG!! But do NOT go out and buy her loads of crap. Don`t make her feel bought or kept.
piss off
7. Alright, thats pretty much it. Please again, don`t just call me an a$$hole. Im trying to help.
A$$hole (me: funny buddy)

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Created on:2/10/2011 5:22:21 PM
Made by:TheChosen

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