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What time of day are you?
Self explanitory :)

1. What kinds of colours are you most attracted to?
Dark mysterious colours.
Yellow, Aqua, cheerfull colours.
Warm colours. Oranges, deep reds, violet.
Bold colours, Reds or bright orange.
2. What kind of weather do you like the most?
Thunder and lightning storms
A cool sunny, and slightly breezy day.
A warm, slightly humid day
A hot day
3. You like to be around people who are..?
Unusual, and slightly eccentric or intense people.
Calm, easygoing, and mellow people. Easy to be around.
Caring, sweet, and understanding people
Adventurous, bold, and enthusiastic people.
4. What would make you feel the most refreshed and happy to do?
Going out around twilight, to find something intense and unsual to do.
Going for a peaceful walk.
Sitting by the lake, watching the sun go down.
Going do do something active and exciting that makes your heart race, Maybe sports!
5. What animals are you most attracted to?
Black panther, Wolf.
A bird, or a Rabbit
A cat, or a Deer
A lion, or a tiger
6. How do you think someone would discribe you?
Deep, unusual, emotional.
Calm, happy, laid back, at peace.
Loving, Sweet, Romantic, understanding.
Bold, inspiriational, active, adventurous.
7. Pick a number that you feel is most like you.
8. Pick your favourite season
9. Tie braker! Pick one
Dark and deep River
Bright Forest
Colourfull lake
Sunny Beach

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Created on:5/5/2007 3:19:43 PM
Made by:galaxxy

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