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What Time of Day Are You?
Morning person? Night person? Let's be more specific. What time of day are you exactly?

1. You have a million and one things to do tomorrow. You`ll probably:
make a to-do list and check things off as I go
focus on the things that matter the most
see what (if anything) feels important when I wake up
try to get through them as fast as possible, so it won`t take the whole day
check in with a friend or two before I plan my day
2. If you find yourself with twenty minutes of unexpected free time today, what will you do with it?
Go for a walk outside
Listen to some music
Flip through a magazine
Zone out? just because I can
Accomplish something quick from my to-do list
3. How do you usually know what time it is?
I look at the clock constantly, hoping the hands will move
I glance at the corner of my computer screen
I`ve almost always got my phone in my hand
I can sort of sense the time, based on how light or dark the sky is
Forget clocks. I always know if it`s the right time or the wrong time to do something
4. Hey, whatcha readin`?
A thriller or mystery that I just can`t put down
A novel by someone brilliant (or crazy)
A book that might just make me a better person
The "most emailed" articles on a news website
Stuff for class, mostly
5. Are you usually on time?
Ha. (I`m running late for something right now.)
No, I think it`s better to be a few minutes late to most things
Nah. I`m too easily distracted
It depends if I have to pick anyone up on the way
Only when I absolutely have to be
6. What feeds your brain?
Visiting new places, trying new things
Talking about what`s going on in the world
An attraction to someone new
Planning an event
7. Will you rate and comment?(No effect on quiz)
No :(

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