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What ThunderClan cat are you   Warrior cats  quiz. Take this quiz to see if you are Lionblaze  Dovewing  Jayfeather  or Firestar Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What ThunderClan cat are you? (Warrior cats)
Take this quiz to see if you are Lionblaze, Dovewing, Jayfeather, or Firestar.

1. Your Clan has been accused of hunting on ShadowClan`s territory. Blackstar declares a battle. You...
Try to find a way to show Blackstar it is a misunderstanding.
You fight. You`ll show these mouse-brains your Clan is not to be accused of anything they didn`t do.
Stock up on supplies in case a battle breaks out.. It`s all you can do.
You don`t know what to do. You don`t panic, but you expect the worst.
2. Tigerstar vists you in a dream. He tries to convince you to join the Dark Forest. You..
Snarl and yowl "No! I will never join you! I`ve beaten you once, I can beat you again!"
He`d never come to me anyways. I`m blind. I`ll be of no use to him.
Use your senses to lead you out of the Dark Forest, but not before you land a few good blows.
Hiss and say "I would rather die! My Clan is loyal and will be to the death!"
3. For some reason, Ashfur`s death starts to be talked about again. Your clanmates want to attack WindClan. You...
Yowl and say "No! WindClan did not kill him! There was no scent! We`ve been through this!
Stand around timidly, waiting for your leader to do something,
Hiss and claw the flea-brain who thought of the idea in the first place.
Step in and say there will be no fighting for we do not need anymore wounded.
4. What is comfrey used for?
How am I supposed to know? Jayfeather is the medicine-cat
Umm.... I`ll ask Jayfeather.
Broken bones... Spottedleaf told me... in case I needed to know.
That`s EASY!! Broken bones, of course. What are you? A bird-brain?
5. You are walking and you nearly step in a rabbit hole while on patrol. Squirrelflight pushes you to the side before you do. You..
Glare and say "I don`t need your help" then run to the front of the patrol.
Dip your head in thanks and walk calmly.
Hiss and crouch, ready to spring "I may be blind but I can still fight!"
Touch her shoulder with the tip of your tail, thanking her.
6. ShadowClan tries to take territory back from ThunderClan. You..
Fight for it. No one takes your land.
Stock up on herbs AGAIN -_-
Prepare for the battle, listening for when they come.
Try to find a way to avoid the fight, but you will fight if you have to.
7. Which power would you want to have?
Able to not be hurt in battle.
Immortal in StarClan.
See cats` memories
8. What do you despise out of these?
Cats thinking I need help just because I`m blind
Seeing your Clan fall apart.
Haunting memories of your sister`s death.
The fear of knowing your sister could die everytime she sets paw in the Dark Forest.

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