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What Three Days Grace song are you?
comment please that way I know what to work on =) (e)

1. In a relationship what happens the most??
We always fight but then make up
Im the aggresive one
I always want to try new and exciting things with my bf/gf
Im kind of controlling Ill admit
I kinda let them walk all over me=(
2. Your friends think you are:
Crazy and fun=D
Bi polar
Agressive and tempermental
Strong willed and determined-a good influence
All of the above=D
3. Someones picking on your friend, what do you do?
Join the fun
Help them of course uh duh
Idk Im still mad at them for the other night
Preach to the bully about what hes doing wrong and if he doesnt listen beat the crap outta him
Find out whats going on and then decide
eh my friend can take them
4. You think your crush likes you but you`re not sure, what do you do??
Gather more facts before I take any action
Just tell them Hey I like you and see whats next
Wait for them to make a move
Im not exactly sure if I like them it comes and goes
Call them and ask if they wanna hang out then ask the question
5. Finish the lyrics: Every feeling that I get....
Brings me closer to you
But I havent missed you yet
Reminds me of the pain
Breaks me down
6. Somebody wake me from this nightmare...
I cant control myself
Before it eats me alive
Its driving me crazy
Its just too real
It reminds me of you
7. Whats your favorite song by Three Days Grace??
I Hate Everything About You
Animal I have Become
Never Too Late
Just Like You
8. What is no movie good without in your eyes??
Violence and action
Love and sneaky affairs
A movie with a good storyline and meaning
None of the Above
9. Pick a color, any color:
10. The quiz is over yay!
Aww I wanted a little more questions
Great, it was weird but I loved it
kk Results! Results!
okies moving on

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Created on:1/16/2008 1:04:22 PM
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