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This or That  Style kind   Girls only  quiz. This or that in a fashion way I guess  Girls only because I quot m not gonna put boy clothes Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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This or That? Style kind- (Girls only)
This or that in a fashion way I guess. Girls only because I"m not gonna put boy clothes-

1. What would you wear out of all of these?
Something to show I like pink and something that grabs anyones attention.
Long Camo pants a green shirt and a hat
Anything that can express the real me! :)
Anything dark with me favorite band on a Shirt and Chain pants.
2. Which of these sound like you?
Both of those ^
3. Which of these T-shirts would you wear?
One that was Hot pink with brown polka dots and Hannah Montana on it!
Something brown and plane-Maybe say "Hershey"
Anything that makes me feel nice and something comfy!
A shirt that has my Fave. band labled on it.
4. Which side of people do you not like?
The side that disagrees with me! >:(
The side that calls me a prep
The side of adults murdering kids
The side of people who suckerpunch
5. Is death a wish of yours?
6. sorry this quiz was short but- What`s your attitude when you don`t get what you want?
Bratty and it will stay like that untill I get it!
Sad, but just forget it.
Ask one more time and if it`s a "No" Cry in public so they`ll think someones hurting you.
Just leave. No big deal....

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Created on:8/31/2008 11:38:21 AM
Made by:Falloutgurl3

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