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How They Truly Act
I wrote a poem that I want to show you all!It is about, well, you'll see! ^^

1. How They Truly Act, by Youngs at
Ok, cool tittle!
That is just the tittle! Just start already!
2. Ok, I wrote this poem so people will understand these creatures of more of who they really are.
Ok, I can`t wait to find out what they are!
3. Oh, how everyone thinks they hate each other, But they are can be friends, more than spring and summer
Sping and Summer aren`t even friends dummy!
Nice rhyme! XD
4. If they wanted they could be engaged, Some think they would rather be caged
I would definetly be caged than engaged anytime, so I see why you dufus!
Aaaawwww! That is sweet!
5. What am I talking about? I’m no liar, The werewolf and the vampire
6. So you don’t believe me? You just wait and see
I believe you, your my friend!
Why would I believe you?!
7. So, here is on example, Of a thing I think is more of a sample
Alright, friend!
Shut up! Liar! You have no good example!
8. Oh, so many movies and books of their “battles”, How they think the wolf’s tail rattles
This is getting good!
I love those books and movies!
Boo! Hiss!
9. The vampire closes in an attack, While the lycan sees the vampire as a snack
Ooh! A fight!
Could you just shut up already?!
Oh no! Why they fight?!
10. The truth is they do not always see each other as prey, They could be the best of friends, that is what I have to say, “Good Day!”
Shut up! They are the worst enemies!
Good! Yay!
Bye! ):
Bye! :D
It`s over already? ):

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Created on:6/2/2009 8:45:26 PM
Made by:youngs

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