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Tha Personality Quizzz quiz. Just your basic personality quiz to break a few mins of boredom      e Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Tha Personality Quizzz
Just your basic personality quiz to break a few mins of boredom... (e)

1. 1st question: Do you like to visit new places?
Sometimes, it depends..
2. Are you adventurous at all?
No, Not really..
I don`t know..
3. What would you rather be doing in spare time?
What spare time?
Spending a day shopping or takin a drive..
Seeing a comedy show or watching TV/movie..
Going to a party or hanging with friends..
Sleeping (zzzz)...
4. What kind of music do you like?
Poppy, faster songs..
Rap, hip hop, or slower songs..
Broadway, show tunes, or older (classic) songs..
Anything with a good beat..
Other or more than one answer..
5. Do you keep up with latest styles or stuff? (Clothes, electronics, ect...)
Yes, all the time..
Sometimes I do..
Nah, I don`t care..
6. Ok, this is pretty much the last question, respond to this: "Bye!!"
See ya!!

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Times Taken:6,494
Created on:9/11/2007 5:49:02 PM
Made by:bellabrizzle

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