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Team Edward or Team Jacob? (for people who`ve read Twilight)
Whose side are you on?

1. do you want to be...
A vampire
A werewolf
don`t mind i like both
2. If you were a werewolf would you risk your life to help a vampire?
yes i suppose
no way. definetly not.
maybe if i feel like it
of course i would
3. (and vice versa) if you were a Vampire would you risk your life to save a werewolf?
course i would
maybe if i feel like it
no definetly not
yes i suppose
4. If Edward killed Jacob would you still support him? (support Edward)
it depends how he killed Jacob
noooooooooo. that is evil. why did he kill jacob???
5. Well what if Jacob Killed Edward then???
yessssss. werewolves rock
maybe. did he kill him quickly or did he get slowly tortured first???
no. that is mean
6. ok so what if Edward Massacred the whole werewolf pack???
i wouldn`t support him even if he just killed one of them
course i still would. Edward rocks
7. and what if Jacob massacred the vampire coven?
yess. i would still support him (obviously)
no i would hate him for all of eternity
maybe. i can`t make my mind up
8. Last question would you rather go out with
9. sorry. this is the last question will you

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Created on:9/20/2008 5:54:06 AM
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