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Take this quiz it will make you smile
So did any one smile/feel good about yourself

1. Do you think you`re ugly(not trying to be rude)
Um duhh....
Yaaa why else am I single?
In between...
2. How popular are you at school?
I have a nice little group of friends.
No friends at all
The whole school bows to me
I have a few, I`m not really social.
3. How do you feel about bikinis?
Not good*shakes head*not good
Um I rock bikinis all day
I`m fine with wearing them if there arnt a lot if people a round
4. Do you dance?
Nah nah honey I`m good
Um duhh the guys love it!!
A little
Depends on the song
5. What is the hardest thing in school for you?
P.E AKA:gym
ELA AKA:reading
Social studies
Haha I`m "good" at all of these
I`m not good at any of them
6. I know every one is saying it but
Do my quizes
Leave your user name in the comments
Then I will go and take your quizes

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Created on:2/3/2016 6:30:47 AM
Made by:quizzis101

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