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Take if you need to pee
Take this poll if you need to pee

1. How bad do you need to pee?
I don`t. Why?
I kinda need to pee, now that you mention it
I need to pee
Oh, I need to pee alright, and I need to pee bad!
2. Sometimes you only think you need to pee, but you don`t really need to pee. Push on your bladder hard. What did you feel?
It was soft and I felt nothing
It was soft, but it still kinda hurt to push on it
It felt more solid, and it REALLY hurt the more I pushed
It was hard as a rock, bulging and extremely painful to push
I peed a little
I peed
3. Drink a bottle of water (500 ml)
Made me need to pee a little more
It was hard to think about water, let alone drink it!
I peed.
4. Wait ten minutes. Drink another bottle of water.
Still nuthin`
I`m beginning to need to pee
Wow, I can really feel the water working now! *dances*
This is torture!!!
I peed! Do I have to say this every time (yep, that`s your click of shame)
5. Push your bladder hard against a counter for a minute
This feels weird
That made me pee a little, but I`m okay now
I peed
6. If your bladder could talk, what would it say?
Let me know when it would be a good time to pee!
Hello! Let me pee now!
Pressure alert! Pressure alert!!!
Thanks for letting me go back there
7. Drink a glass of water. Hold it for as long as you can. How long did you last?
I held it until I was bored and moved on
I held on for half an hour or longer, but it was hard!
I held it for fifteen minutes clenching my teeth and potty dancing!
I couldn`t make it five minutes!
*mad dash for the bathroom*
Peed before

About This Quiz
Times Taken:1,533
Created on:1/28/2018 2:12:11 AM
Made by:Utnapishtim

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