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Are you a Tails fannatic?
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1. What is Tails`s real name?
Miles "Tails" Prower
Miles Per Hour
Shadow, lol
Prower "Tails" Miles
2. Who is Tails`s best friend?
Has no best friend, little feller can`t choose.
3. Who is Tails in love with?
Cream, they look so cute together :)
Rouge, he like the older women ;-)
Cosmo, his one true love :)
Sonic, well they are close :)
Shadow, he likes tough guys :)
Amy, she is always nice and perky :)
4. What did Tails do when he first met Sonic?
He fixed his plane and redecorated it.
Sonic stopped those bullies.
Saved Sonic from a Volcano.
Ran around the world with Sonic.
5. What planet does Tails live on?
Mobius, then Earth, then Mobius, then went into space then Mobius.
6. What is Tails`s dream job?
Delivery boy
Sonic`s sidekick
7. Can you describe Tails?
Exciting, cheerful pilot Fox, whose best friend and hero is Sonic the Hedgehog.
Better than Shadow
Smarter than Dr,Eggman
Shadows friend
Sonic`s sidekick
8. What happened to Tails`s love?
Shadow killed her because she was a spy for the meterax.
Dr.Eggman killed her on a twisted plot for revenge against Sonic.
She got stuck in a Cave on an unknown planet.
She pushed Tails out the way, and ended up in a volcano about to erupt.
Tails`s fired Sonic and Shadow at her, thus killing her and saving the Galaxy.
He ate her, the swine.
9. What does Tails think of Shadow?
Shadow is an evil villian muhahahaha
Misunderstood soul
He thinks Shadow is a roosterroach.
Whats with the roosterroach thing? geez some people can`t understand comedy.
Shadow is evil, and good and needs help getting away from Dr,Eggman.
10. Is Tails smarter than Doctor Eggman?
Yes? No? Maybe?
Mostly, but sometimes he has failed to foil Dr,Eggman`s plans.
Ask Shadow, he will know.
Phone a friend...bring bring hahaha no answer.

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Created on:7/27/2008 2:55:54 PM
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