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What Symbol do you represent?
You'll be suprised. Please rate and comment!

1. What makes you happiest?
When others are smiling because of me.
When I am told "I love you"
When I am in the spotlight (when I`m noticed for something good)
When I get my way (about anything)
2. A good wish would be:
Most Fame
Most Fortune
Most Respect
Most Success
3. Are you happy with your life?
Not as much as I wish.
Yes, I am very happy with who I am.
I often wish I was someone else.
I am not happy with my life at all.
4. What do you think your best skill is out of these:
Social Studies
5. The most beautiful thing in the world...
Cannot be man-made.
Does not have to be beautiful physically.
Is beautiful Physically.
Is man-made.
6. Best attribute in a personality:
7. Do you think you know your results? (No effect).
You cant be sure!

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Created on:8/11/2008 7:27:24 PM
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