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what kind of sword are you?
what kind of sword are you?

1. what do you want in a sword?
silence and power
i dont care i want it powerfull and killingfull
a mixture of stuff in the sword
fire that never burns even in the water
a wooden one so when i break it i dont waste money one more expensive ones
somethin dark and powerfull and mean!
2. what do you want ur sword to be made out of?
a thick iron with a little steel
a full blade of steel
an elemant blade of mithril
a burning blast of flames!
wooden would be nice cuz im a begginer
a sword crafted out of darkness
3. what kind of attack do you like?
a swift chop on their heads
a stab in the heart
a blast of thunder fireing at ur enemy
a pummel in the nuts
a bok on the head
a throw of power dark
4. what would you do if someone said ur weapon is dum?
just chop em to bite size peices
trip them and stab em....hard!
just blast them with fire and say toast!
id just let em touch my sword and laugh when they burn
wack em on the head
slice their arm of and say darkness be with you
5. what would you say when you kill someone with ur sword?
just say hmm?
say ha ha ha ha ha!
say i am the warrior
say fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
say wooden rules!!!!
say elements are the key to winning

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Created on:6/13/2008 1:21:13 AM
Made by:lavalamp300

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