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Are You Sweet or Sour?
Are you sweet like candy or sour like lemons? Find out! (e)

1. It`s you`r friends birthday. What do you do!
Go all out. Huge cake. Surprise Party. The Works
You buy her a nice present.
You say, "Oh hey Happy Birthday"
Oops I forgot
2. Your friends dog just died. Now what?
You run over from your grandmas and comfort her with icecream and her favorite magazine.
You couldn`t get there but you stop by the next day to say that you are sorry.
You give plan to give her a card but never get around to it.
You say sorry but you don`t do anything else.
3. You broke up with your boyfriend and he calls you...
Say " oh you can come over right now. I forgive you"
Say "Well it`s your fault. You messed up. Sorry, it`s not going to work."
Say "Will you just leave me alone please?"
Hang up
4. You forgot your sisters shirt at school. *Gulp*
Buy her a new one.. and then another to say sorry
Buy her a new one
Say you are sorry. Be nice for the next hour
Tell her it`s her fault and forget about it.
5. You missed that thing with your mom.
Schedule for another time and arrive 30 min. early
Tell your mom you will absolutely make the next one
Come only after she begs and pleads.
Say "oops" and don`t bother next time either.
6. Last one! Favorite color!

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Created on:8/2/2007 6:32:17 PM
Made by:becauseican0

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