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Would you survive the Zombie Apocolypse?

1. You are in a room, there is a window, a knife and a med kit. Where do you run to when a zombie is chasing you?
Knife, gonna kill that zombie!
Window. Suicide is best.
Med kit. I will punch it and if I get bit. The med kit will help me,
2. You are chased by a horde of zombies, you are with your friend and your older brother. You start slowing down, your brother offers to run in the back of the group, so does your friend. Who do you want to run behide?
I will. They deserve to live.
Brother. He is the strongest anyway.
Friend. He is hurt anyway.
3. You decide to camp out somewhere. Where?
Pawn shop. Who knows what you`ll find there!
Pharmacy. Defense and health are best.
Supermarket. Lots of places to hide and food.
4. A man offers you his dog. It is already trained to protect. So you take it?
No. It will waste my food.
Yes, it can protect me and keep me company out here.
5. You are told that your family has died. Just not your younger sister (2 years old).
Let her fend for herself.
Take her with me. I can teach her to fight and she is my only family member left anyway.
Leave her with another family.

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Created on:3/27/2017 2:34:32 AM
Made by:CandySauce

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