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Would you survive the world`s largest Zombie Attack?
Zombies are coool!! (e)

1. Youve just heard through a series of channel flicking that made sense when put into a sentence that dead people are coming out of the ground.
Wheres STAR TREK!!!!!!!!!
Honey wheres the Shot gun?
Oh My gosh MOMMY!!!!!!
I`m gonna need a soda and a AK47!
We`ve got to tell the Neighbours!
2. You hear crashes outside and screaming.
Those people across the street really treat their kids nicely!
Im gunna go check it out
It`s probably just the wind,It`s probably just the wind..........
Barricade the doors and the windows!
Lets go to the neighbours get them and stay in their tornado basement.
Im gunna go get some guns at the gun shop,Son you take this Baseball bat and defend our family!
3. You go outside and find that a bunch of people are getting attacked!
Screw them!
Um.....I`m scared
Run dudes run!
C`mon lets help them!CHARGE!!!!
I hear gunshots over there. I`ll help them but only for some ammo
4. You pass buy a food store.Do you grab anything.
Nah foods for the weak
grab everything you need
grab candy
grab pizza
5. One of your teammates has been bitten!
(blast)That was easy
Dude here kill him I just cant....
Sorry bud but we have to leave you here
Just take him with us but keep him locked up
6. As your walking through a street you find a car and it works!On the radio it says of a antidote across the province
Screw the car I`ll kill em all myself!
C`mon guys lets save the world
We can use this car to kill more zombies!
Lest use it as a bomb!
Lets leave it here and maybe we can find a Helicopter instead!

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Times Taken:1,914
Created on:7/31/2007 8:35:36 PM
Made by:Jaxx521

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