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Can you survive on an island
Find out if you can survive on an island on your own

1. Your plane crashes while heading to a holiday your the only one to survive. While getting out of the wrecked plane you trip and cut your knee and it looks bad what do you do
Drown yourself in the ocean
Scream for help
Try to pull your leg off
Disinfect it in the ocean
Huddle up in a cave rocking back and forth
2. While looking for fire wood you see a crab in the ocean so you try to pick it up then it snaps your toe with it`s claws what do you do?
Eat the crab
Hit it with a spear
Head but it
Scream then cry then scream agin
3. You see a ants nest what do you do
Collect the ants saving them for later
Burn them with a piece of wood from you fire
Run away
Fart on them lol
4. You see a loads of wood what do you do?
Burn it
Leave it there
Try to eat it
Make it into a shelter
5. A Gorilla attacks you what do you do
Look for help
Lie there and die
Fight back
Scream at it

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