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Would you survive on a desert island  quiz. you might die tragically    or survive and turn the island into a jungle fort  Take this quiz to find out    e Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Would you survive on a desert island?
you might die tragically... or survive and turn the island into a jungle fort! Take this quiz to find out! (e)

1. How did you get on the island?
I was doing a swimming contest and i swam for two days too long...oops.
No idea. I woke up buried in some sand up to my neck and people were boiling a pot above me!
I won a cruise trip, and the ship broke down and i escaped to this island.
I dunno. I WANT TO GO HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!
I thought it would be glamourous so i marooned myself to this island... heehee
2. When asked to light a fire what do you do?
Huhhhh> How should you, shopping queen know how to light a fire?????
Make a hughe warm fire and a gourmet dinner for tea
Do the best you can... even though rubbing sticks takes ages....
Give the job to some one who you think could do it better
cry like crazy at the indignancy of doing jobs.You`re not a maid!
3. Dinner is served. What do you expect for your meal?
Cabbage tree leaves tasting like sand.
A can of baked beans
Fish, with a hint of lemon!
Roasted scallops with parmesan shavings and roasted artichoke and lemon meringue pie for dessert.
Your friends are looking pretty scrumtious...
Anything at all! You`re starving!
4. How athletic are you?
Ummmm....... does turning on the computer count?
Ohhh, plenty. You have a couple of awards and medals!!!!
Average, i guess.
Above average.
Below average.
My mom drives me to the bus stop down the road.
5. Favourite book?
Robinson Cruesoe. Perfect island life!
Magazines, since they are so quick to read.
Non fiction.
Teenage fiction.
Adult fiction.
Sophisticated picture books.
Books? What the?
All of the above!
6. Favourite game?
Snakes and Ladders!
Card games.
I prefer making up my own games.
I`m not picky, i don`t mind!
Any weird computer games!
I don`t really play games.
7. How will you die?
Tragically, yet everyone will remember you for it.
Die of malnutrition on this stupid island!
Once i have eaten my friends, weird native guys will slaughter me
old age, of course!
having fun, possibly accidental
I shall never die! And if i do it`s not like i shall remember it!!!!!!!!!
How should i know?!?!? It`s not like i want to die!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Created on:9/11/2007 3:38:45 AM
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