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Can you survive in my imaginary world  quiz. the world s name is Aether the game is to stay alive  e Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Can you survive in my imaginary world?
the world's name is Aether the game is to stay alive (e)

1. your in the middle of the lecanth woods when 3 laguz(beast-people) cross your path with their claws out
say howdy do
keep your silence and ignore them
draw your weapon
turn back out of the forest
insult them
2. what weapon whould you use if you had to fight a laguz?
3. you get into a fight with imperial guards for robbing the castle what do you do?
you calmly explain that wasnt you
you run away screaming
you attack and attempt to kill them
you ignore them and hope they go away
you surrender
4. the sun is setting and you see shadowy figues start to head toword you what do you do?
you attack regardless
you climb a tree and wait
you hide and hope it leaves
you sneak around to see what it is
you say f*ck this and suiside
5. a war starts and you find your self in the middle of the two armys charging at each other what do you do?
run one way and hope they dont kill you
you stand your ground ready to fight
you try to act innocent so they leave you alone
you prepare yourself for a moment and then randomly choose a side to fight on
you sigh and though you suisided yourself
6. your leading a platoon of 10 trained archers and you see and enemy fortress ahead. your reaction?
you rush in then remember all your soldiers are archers
you pick them off one by one
you cause a diversion when they rain arrows on the enemy
you leave them alone this wasn`t your mission anyway
you keep wondering why you can`t suiside yoursef
7. last one: the laguz are noble people. would you go with them if they promised your safety?
no they`re backstabbers!
no you are a lone warrior
yes they could be of use
yes i trust them completely
you betray them when they are all asleep then loot their bodys

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