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Would you survive in the anime AOT?
Would you be able to survive until the second season or die in the few couple of episode?

1. Rp time: In the year 844, after 100 years of peace, the Colossal Titan appeared destroying Wall Maria. You noticed a titan heading your way. What do you do?
I run to my home warning my family
I can`t move. I`m just staring in fear
I run towards it ((Good luck with that))
I use my 3DMG and kill it. ((-.- you don`t have it))
2. You were saved by a soldier. The soldier took you to safety but you ran away to find your home and family. Once you got there, everything was destroyed and your parents were being eaten before your eyes. You.....
I turn and run back to safety. There`s no point to stay behind. My parents are dead now.
I start crying on the ground
I hide and wait for the Titan to leave. Once it`s gone, I run back to safety.
3. *times skip* You joined the Survey Corps to help humanity. You wanted to slaughter all it and off the surface of the earth. There you Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert. You become friends with them and train for 5 years.
4. Yay! You are now graduating from training. You are given an option to join the Survey Corps, The Military Police or The Garrison. You chose to join the Survey Corps. Eren, Mikasa and Armin have also chose to join.
Yes! I can slaughter all those titans!
What?! I don`t want to die! ((what a weenie))
I will help humanity fight against those titans even if it costs my own life.
I want to choose something else.
5. It`s your first mission. Most of your team mates have already died. You, Eren, Armin and some other soldiers were still alive. Everything wasn`t going as planned. You..
Continue to fight. Don`t want to loose more soldiers.
Run and hide
6. Your friend, Eren, had died on the mission saving Armin. You...
I have to continue to fight. There is nothing to do now but to fight.
Break down crying
7. Okay guys. This is only part one of the quiz. I didn`t want to make the quiz long (aka lazy).
It wasn`t long. Six questions isn`t long. (I`m too lazy right now)
Ugh! Fine! ((Well then..))

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