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Would you survive if a Yeti wanted to eat you  quiz. Yeti s are hungry  and rather mean  But would you sweet talk your way around it  take this quiz to find out    e Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Would you survive if a Yeti wanted to eat you?
Yeti's are hungry, and rather mean. But would you sweet talk your way around it? take this quiz to find out! (e)

1. Yeti`s are.....
White and furry, but rather cuddly!
The stuff in goosebumps books!
Make beleive.
Very tasty!
Beasts that live in the Mountains that are in recluise and live off iciles!
Scarry! I do NOT want to meet a yeti!
Easy to bribe. Verrry easy!
2. A name that you would call your pet yeti.....
Cutie pie!
Ummmm. how should i know?
Stupid beast!
Kylie Minogue the second!
3. If, at two`oclock in the morning, a yeti was outside your window, what would you do?
Scream loudly, and throw your lampshade at it.
Have a nice and friendly conversation.
Say, very angrily, that you are trying to sleep!
Capture the yeti and sell it to a TV channel!
Capture it, sell it to a zoo, to get more yeti`s in the world!
Eat it. What? They sure are tasty!
Make friends. Poor, poor yeti......
Kill it. Yuck. Smelly stupid beast!
Have a cuddle with it until you realise he`s trying to eat you....
4. You are at a running race at school and you sprain your ankle. What do you do?
walk the rest of the race.
Run as fast as you can!
Lie on ground weeping, in hope of going to the hospital in an ambulance.
Say that a kid pushed you...on purpose!
Go into the toilets and run water over it...
Ignore it, despite the crackiling you hear every time you take a step....
Go home and complain to your screen friend, yeti2345.....
5. If you are babysitting a yeti, what would you do?
I wouldn`t!
Scream,of course!
Talk and have fun!
Say very bossily that the yeti needs a haircut...and give him one!
Lock yeti up and immigrate to the hottest country you can think of!
Sit quietly, watching yeti out of the corner of your eye....
Kill the yeti and serve it for tea!
Scream nonsense words at it!
6. Do you like the cold?
Yep.... right now I`m naked in Antarctica!
No way! I`ve got twenty layers on and It`s the hottest day in Africa!
Only when it is boiling hot!
7. Would you dive off a 4 metre cliff to save a yeti`s life?
Ummmm..... no!
Yes, I have many times!
Only if ther were no sharp rocks underneath...
I would make my friends do it!
Let the stupid beast drown....
Why would I do that?
8. Why did you do this quiz?
I love yeti`s!
I hate yeti`s!
I was dying of boredom....
Um, my pet yeti wanted to!
Can`t talk, getting digested by a yeti!

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Created on:9/15/2007 6:28:13 PM
Made by:vegebrain

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