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Would you survive the Hunger Games  quiz. You are reaped into the Hunger Games  and are sent into a arena with    other tributes to fight to the death  Will you be able to win Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Would you survive the Hunger Games?
You are reaped into the Hunger Games, and are sent into a arena with 23 other tributes to fight to the death. Will you be able to win?

1. You are standing in the Arena waiting for the gong to sound. You survey the arena. In front of you are woods, a lake, and a mountain. You also scan the Cornucopia and see lots of tempting supplies you may need. When the gong sounds, you....
Bolt into the woods with nothing but the shirt on your back.
On your way into the woods, snag a backpack and some knives.
Run straight into the bloodbath at the Cornucopia. You need all the supplies you can get!
Fight one kid for a bunch of knives and finally come out on top, then run straight into the woods.
2. You make it into the woods. You are still walking when the sun sets and night falls. Your stomach is growling and your feet hurt, but you still want to put more distance between you and the Cornucopia. You...
Ignore my hunger and aching feet and continue.
Set up camp for the night, but don`t eat any of your small supply of food.
Set up camp and start a fire to cook some food.
Walk a little more, then set up camp and eat a small amount.
3. The next morning you wake up to voices from behind you. Probably the Careers. What do you do?
Climb a tree and wait, watching, ready to defend yourself if necessary.
Run like hell!
Panick and hide behind a tree, hoping they dont find you
Stay put with a drawn knife, poised to kill
4. Fortunatly, they pass by you. But When you turn around you spot another tribute in a tree with a drawn bow. Right above him/her is a buzzing tracker jacker nest. You...
Run like hell!
Stay still.
Throw one of your knives, aiming for the tracker jacker nest
When she fires, duck. Then run away.
5. Some way or another, the tracker jacker nest falls and tracker jackers pour out of it. The other tribute screams for help from behind you. What do you do?
Run like hell!
Hesitate, but ultimatly decide you can`t help the other tribute because you need to save yourself.
Put them out of their misery.
Go back and help the other tribute, hoping for an alliance, but possibly risking your own life.
6. The gamemakers are getting bored. They make an avalanche. You escape the avalache but run into the Careers in the process. They see you. Behind the Career pack, you see another tribute, a 12 year old girl. You...
Yell "Watch out!" When they turn, you bolt.
Call to their attention the girl. They avert their attention away from you, and you run.
Stay and fight. The girl even helps you out.
Try to talk yourself out of it by making it seem like you want to join them.
7. You escape the Careers once again. The game is starting to wind down. You and six other tributes, including four Careers, are left. You are very hungry now and you are out of food. You come across another tribute`s camp. You...
Steal a bit of their food when they are gone, but not enough to be noticed, so you can do it again.
Pass it.
Steal a noticeble amount of food.
Attack the tribute with the intention of getting all their supplies.
8. You come across a dead tribute...your district partner, to be exact. You werent allies, but you were friends. You...
Respect him and dont take any of his/her stuff
You respect him, but you do take his/her supplies.
Make a memorial for him/her
You don`t care. Take all of his stuff.
9. The game is nearing the end. In the end, if you win, it will be by....

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