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Can you survive death itself?
Warning: this is going to be kind of violent, and long-ish.

1. You are faced with a challenge, you can either save your family, or your loved one, the right choice will save you, but the wrong one will kill you all, your choice.
Your loved one, you can repopulate with him/her.
Family, they are more closer too you than him/her.
You don`t know, you love them both equally...
2. What would you do if you were stuck in a hostage situation, and your freind were about to be shot in the head.
Jump in front of the bullet to stop him/her from getting killed.
Do what the guy with the gun said and don`t move and watch as blood and entrails go everywhere.
Kick the shooter.
3. The bomb is ticking, and you cant get too it with all this water, what do you do?
Jump into the water before the bomb explodes.
Open the window too let the water out and diffuse the bomb.
4. If you had to assassinate the president, would you?
Yes, he needs to be put out of office.
No, it is a stupid idea.
Kill another guy who looks like the president.

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