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Would you survive the car attack?
Cars come alive!

1. You hear the story of cars coming alive on the news, what do you do?
Check you calender to see if it`s April Fools` Day
Gather up all you weapons.
Think it`s nothing.
2. Suddenly a car goes right through you house, what to do?
Get out you missle launcher!
You sit there, thinking it a birthday present.
Get in you own car
3. You go to you car and start the engine. What kind of car is it?
Monster Truck
Little clown car.
4. You head off, you hear screaching tires behind you, it`s time for a car battle.
Ram a car off the road.
Almost get spined out, but then they run off the road and crash into eachother.
I don`t know how to drive! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!
5. There is a semi truck right behind you.
Stop completely and turn around so the semi gets stuck.
Slow down right in front of the semi.
6. After you outrun the semi, you park the car at a Publics to see if they have some food.
Gather up all the food that will fit in your car.
Try to find some help and get some food.
7. You see dead bodies all over the place on you way out. You......
check and see if any are alive.
Get all their wallets, if you make it through you be somewhat richer.
8. You see one alive and has a rib sticking out of his chest.
You run him over with you car.
Shoot him in the head.
Try to put the rib back in his chest.
9. Now your back in your car.
Drive to another state to see if anyone is alive there.
Go to a gas station to get fuel.
10. There is a monster truck around the corner, running a dead body over again and agian.
Shoot at the driver seat.
Shoot at the engine.
Run to your car and drive as fast as you can.
11. The trucks right behind you. What do you do?
Go faster.
Slow down and turn around.
12. You throw a grenade out the window. You see the truck do a back flip. You say....
13. The truck makes it all the way around and looses control when it lands and flips to the top.
You throw another grenade over there.
You sit there, waiting for something to happen.
14. Suddenly your hit by your car, forgetting that your car is alive too!
Hide under the monster truck.
15. Your car just stalls. You think..........
the madness of cars being alive is gone.
it`s a trick.
16. There are more cars coming!
Oh poopy.

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Created on:5/17/2007 3:50:20 PM
Made by:Wolfpup190

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