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Would you survive as a warrior cat  quiz. Will you only live through kit hood  Only live through apprenticehood  Only live through warriorhood  Or live until elderhood Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Would you survive as a warrior cat?
Will you only live through kit-hood? Only live through apprenticehood? Only live through warriorhood? Or live until elderhood?

1. You are a small kit and your brother suggests that you stay in the den where it`s safer, your sister also suggest you explore the territory, but you want them to raid Shadowclan do you...
Listen to your brother and hide in the den
Listen to your sister and explore the territory
Do what you like and raid Shadowclan
Copromise and raid Windclan
try to hunt for fun
sneak into the medicine den eatting random berries
explore the twoleg place
2. You are a bigger kit and want to have some fun with your siblings do you play mossball in the nursery with your brother, play mouse and warrior with your sister or...
Mossball with your brother
mouse and warrior with your sister
explore camp with your friends
play battle with a warrior
3. You and your siblings finally become warriors, your mentor let`s you chose what to do first do you...
explore the territory with your brother
Learn how to do the elder`s fleas and ticks with your sister
learn to hunt with a few friends
learn basic defense with your mentor
4. You are about half way done with your trainning and you are invited by your leader to join the attack on Shadowclan with your siblings who already accepted to go... do you
deny in risk of death
agree, but end up loosing your life saving your skittery brother
agree, but let your brother die
agree, but work with your sister
agree, but work alone
agree, but volunteer to be the medicine cat`s assisted avoiding the fight
5. You are finally able to become a warrior with your sister, but your brother is still an apprentice do you...
Go anyway and forget your brother
Persuade your sister to stay behind so you can have all the glory.
Stay behind with your brother and proudly cheer on your sister
Stay behind and persuade your sister to do the same
6. You are a young warrior and have a crush on a few cats, do you pick...
the weakling with a big heart
The strong one with no heart or soul
The one who isn`t strong or weak, but has a good hear and soul.
The old one with a bad memory
7. You and your mate have three kits do you teach them...
Life is best as a kittypet
Respect the elder`s and follow the warrior code
train hard and be the best warrior possible so you may kill even a leader with 9 lives one day
Do what you love and be yourself, even if you get less respect, just don`t join another clan
8. Your deputy dies and your leader appoints you the new deputy do you
freak out and deny and hide in your den for the rest of your life
Deny, and state why you refuse, and continue life as a warrior
Deny, but suggest your brother, sister,mother,father,mentor, or someone you think is fit for it
accept and proudly stand before your clan as the new deputy
9. You receive an apprentice who is a total pain in the tail, do you
act just like your apprentice
Ignore the apprentice and persuade him to join another clan
Work hard with him and act like he does nothing wrong or abuse him
punish him and work hard with him
10. Your sister becomes deputy do you...
Cheer proudly for her
cheer for her, but not real be proud
Be jealous and skip her ceremony and plot her death.
Call her fox dung and boo her
11. Your sister becomes clan leader do you
Threaten her if she refuses to make you deputy
Ignore her and gloat about yourself
Cheer her on and politely ask her to make you deputy
Be proud of her and suggest your brother be deputy

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