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Would you survive a zombie attack?
Dead or Alive? (e)

1. You are just sitting there reading when a zombie breaks through your window. What do you do?
Run out the back door.
Grab an object/weapon and pound those sons of dead guys!
Hide under your bed until they leave.
Call 911 while hiding in a place that makes you unlikely to be found.
Jump into your wastebasket and cry.
2. If you don`t have a weapon, which fighting move would you use to ward off zombies?
Don`t fight, just run away until you can find a weapon.
Jump into a wastebasket and cry!
3. Your best friend that you have known for 10 years just gets scratched by a zombie. What do you do?
You like your friend, but you have no choice but to shoot him or her.
Run away from him/her.
Try to disinfect and patch up the wound.
Jump into a wastebasket and cry.
4. How do you kill a zombie?
Separate the head from the body.
Stab the heart.
Disinigrate him.
Jump in a wastebasket and cry.
5. What size are you?
A little chubby
Pretty Overweight
Extremely Obese
Jump in a wastebasket and cry!
6. How long can run before getting tired?
1-5 minutes
5-7 minutes
7-20 minutes
20-30 minutes
30 minutes- 1 hour
1 hour or more
Can`t run all I do is get in a wastebasket and cry
7. You are on an urban street. Zombies are coming at you from both sides. What do you do?
Try to scale a building, then go out through an exit in the building.
Blow all the Zombie`s faces off!
Jump down into the sewer and run!
Jump in a wastebasket and cry!
8. Your friend is walking toward you, but he/she has yellow skin, rotting nails, and all white eyes. What do you do?
Kill him/her. She lived a good life, but has no purpose on this earth now.
Try to help your friend. Maybe there`s a way.........
Jump in a wastebasket and cry!
9. If you could summon anything to help you defeat the zombies, it would be.....?
Some pirate ninjas!
A zombie!
A dragon
Yo momma
The grim reaper
Some big cats (tiger, lion, cheetah, etc.)
1,000 guys with rifles
100 guys with flamethrowers
Jump in a wastebasket and cry!
10. What disease makes people into zombies?
11. How do you prevent and cure the virus in question #10?
Antedote within 1 hour of a zombie bite or scratch
Find a stone of Istheus
Say the spell of Heysus while grabbing him/her by the vein in his/her neck
Cut open the stomach to remove the zombie disease
Make a SMALL inscision from the lower lip to the upper lip and drain the blood from that area
Jump into a watebasket and cry
Once the disease has been caught, there is no cure
12. What are zombies attracted to?
Any body heat given off from an animal or person
A lot of movement, especially out in the open
Loud noises
Jumping in wastebaskets and crying

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Created on:7/15/2007 4:48:25 PM
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