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Would you survive a zombie plague  quiz. Would you be able to save the human race or drop dead at the first sight of blood Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Would you survive a zombie plague?
Would you be able to save the human race or drop dead at the first sight of blood?

1. You are celebrating joining the army with a massive party in a ballroom you`ve hired when suddenly screams can be heard all around! Windows are smashing in every direction and an aura of fear spreads through the panicking crowd! What to do?
Scream with the crowd. How could you possibly help?
Get close to the others. Together you can get through anything!
Yell at the top of your voice for people to calm down!
Grab a gun and shoot one bullet upwards. When everyone stops screaming, tell them to grab a weapon.
2. Hideous undead monsters burst in through every entrance and the panick dies down to pure silent fear. How can you defeat them?
Hide in the middle of the crowd and hope for the best
Listen to whoever seems to know how to fight back
Shoot and tell the others to do the same
Set something on fire. This will turn on the sprinklers and distract the zombies. Now shoot!
3. You`ve managed to escape with your life and decide to go hide in the supermaket nearby with some friends. Which aisle is the best for countering zombies?
Toy aisle! I like action figures!
The frozen food section! The cold might weaken the undead and you can throw frozen chicken!
The cleaning aisle is my route. Washing up liquid to trip them up and brooms can be used as weapons!
The tool aisle supplies weapons and I can make traps!
4. Oh, holy socks! They`re comin` through the ventalation shaft! They`re in the freakin` vents!
Hide under a table where they can`t see you!
All of you shoot at the vents!
Try to listen for where they are and shoot a that part of the vent
Climb up one of the shelves, onto the ventilation shaft and plant a bomb on it. Now get down!
5. What weapons do you use?
My bare hands!
The usual.
A machine gun!
A sword and a gun! They can`t kill me now!
6. You decide the supermarket might be abit too dangerous and move out. Where do you go?
The supermarket!
The park. You can hide in the trees!
Somewhere that cannot easily be found and only has one entrance you have to guard.
Zombies may have trouble with uneven or slippery terrain. The mountains or the skating rink suit me!
7. Final question, you are on the top of a hill with zombies crawling up on all sides, blood staining their tattered clothes. What strategy do you use?
Surrender. They might be nice zombies!
Shoot a hole through the undead army and leg it that way!
Kill as many as possible! They killed everyone you know!
Remain calm and use distractions and your skills to get through this horrible horde!

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