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Would You Survive a Zombie Outbreak?
Would you survive? Hopefully you do! :D

1. What type of ammunition weighs the least?
.22 Rimfire
.50 BMG
12 Gauge Shotgun Shells
2. What firearm out of the ones listed below would be the BEST In a zombie outbreak?
Kalashnikov AK-47
Remington 700 Rifle
Ruger Mini 14
Colt M4
3. Out of the locations listed below, which one would be the BEST to seek refuge in and fortify?
Fallout Shelter
Your Own Home
4. What form of transportation is BEST during a zombie outbreak?
Toyota Corolla
5. What type of knife blade is WORSE during a zombie outbreak?
6. When loading a shell into a Semi-Automatic Shotgun, one should.....
Close the action after loading the shell
Shoot yourself
Turn off the safety while your loading the shell
Don`t get your finger caught in the action
7. When engaging a zombie, one`s goal would be to....
Remove the head or destroy the brain
Not shoot yourself by accident
Give the zombie a nifty handshake
Shoot it
8. During long terms of isolation, boredom and desperation will begin to settle in, what should one do to prevent this?
Shoot yourself
Shoot tin cans in the backyard
Read a book
9. Zombies have a form of psychological warfare, what do they do to cause psychologic trauma to an individual?
Vomit all over someone
Moan constantly and endlessly
Constantly attempting to break down your fortifications
Kill individuals close to you
10. What should one do when planing to move himself and his group to an attainable destination?
Grab all supplies and leave immediately
Plan for a few hours and then leave
Scout out the surrounding area and leave immediately
Plan your journey a few days or even weeks in advance making sure you know how to get there and back
11. When moving to a new location, how large should one`s group be?
10-12 People
4-6 People
2-3 People
20-30 People
12. When attaining an assault rifle, what firing mode should one use the rifle in?
Burst Fire
Single Shot
Fully Automatic
Whats an assault rifle?
13. When traveling to an attainable destination, what time of day should one travel?
14. What is the virus which changes individuals into zombies?
I don`t know any viruses
15. Can zombies swim?
No, they walk on the bottom of the body of water due to them not having to breath
16. Can animals become zombies?
17. What type of food should one be eating during a zombie outbreak?
Canned, Non Perishable food
Beef Jerkey
18. How do the zombies spread their virus?
Though bites, open wounds, eyes, nose, and mouth
Ballistic missiles
19. How many different classes of zombie outbreaks are there?
A million
20. When a friend or loved one has contracted the virus, what should one do?
Kill them before they become a zombie
Wait for them to become a zombie and then kill them
If they get bitten they turn into zombies?
21. How long does it take for an individual to become a zombie?
Twenty Four Hours
Four days
Three minutes
22. Which handgun is the WORST to possess in a zombie outbreak?
Walther P22
Ruger Mark 2
Smith and Wesson .500
Colt .45
23. What is the best location which you could settle in?
Offshore oil rig
Your local burger joint
Military base
In the bed of Jethro`s pickup truck
24. Is it a good idea to smoke during a zombie outbreak?
Sure as long as Jethro brings the booze...
25. What weapon should not be used during a zombie outbreak?
Thermonuclear bomb

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