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Would you survive a zombie apocalypse??
will you survive? (don't take answers seriously)

1. Can you run?
Not fast at all...
VERY fast.
About average.
If a zombie is chasing me, I`ll go as fast as my legs will take me!
2. Your friend is getting attacked!! What do you do??
Save them! If I die, at least I died trying.
Keep running. If you fail, you're both dead.
Throw a rock at the zombie, hoping to distract it.
I don't know.
3. Where would your base be?
A hospital.
A police station.
My house.
The forest.
4. What weapon will you choose?
A gun.
Cheesecake! :D (Me: I love cheesecake, too! :D)
5. When shooting a zombie, do you aim for the head or heart?
6. Is it better to work in big groups?
It depends. Maybe 6-10 people?

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Created on:4/7/2016 7:53:51 PM
Made by:funquiz8869

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