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Would you survive a war against zombies?
That's the question, would you?

1. You wake up, you look out your window and see zombies walking over the mountains and are comming towards your town. How do you react?
Get a R700 sniper rifle, go on your roof and snipe them.
Grab your AUG and start shooting
Go back to bed and wait until they get to the town, then you attack.
Move to Cheklaslovakia
2. The zombies have reached the town, you see your best friend getting mauled by a zombie, what do you do?
Shoot the zombie, rip it`s head off, and see if your friend is ok.
Shoot the zombie call 9-11
Shoot the zombie
3. You run through the streets looking for rebels for the recistance. You see an RPG on the ground, there are 600 zombies walking down the street. Your friend is in the path of the zombies. What do you do?
Screw my friend. Pick up the rocket launcher and blow them up.
Get your friend out of the way and kill the zombies.
Get your friend and run!
4. You walk into a small store. You see a zombie eating a dead man. There are other zombies upstairs and you dont want to alert them but you want to kill the zombie eating the man. How do you kill it?
Stab it repeatingly with a knife
Silence a handgun and shoot it
snap it`s neck
hit it in the head with a briefcase
5. You continue down the road. Your M4 in hand. You look over your shoulder and see a zombie, but it is holding a grenade. Some of your old friends from college are behind the zombie, What do you do?
Shoot the grenade out of the zombie`s hand and kick it`s head off.
shoot the zombie and tell your friends to take cover
shoot the zombie and run
shoot the grenade
6. You are moving around the outskirts of your town. You notice a bunker. You decide to use it as a small outpost. You move towards it but you hear something inside. What do you do?
Throw a flash grenade through the door and elar all the rooms.
throw a frag grenade and clear the rooms
Cautiously walk inside and keep cool, shoot anyrthing that moves
Dont go in
7. You sleep in the bunker for the night. What time did you wake up at? What did you do when you woke up?
6:00 am, worked out, ate, looked for zombies.
8:00 am. Look for zombies
5:00 pm. Keep sleeping.
7:00 am. Eat. Look for zombies.
8. You see a road leading away from your town and into the countyside. You have to make a decision. Leave the town, or continue fighting?
Continue fighting.
Leave, come back with more supplies.
Leave! Get me out of this hellhole!
9. If you decided to stay, you climb up into a tree in the forest on the outskirts of town. You look down and see your friend calling for you. He has a mole under his left eye, but you look under his eye. It isnt there. What do you do?
Slash his neck with a knife, he is a zombie.
Shoot him
Do nothing
I left the town.
10. You see the zombies retreating. You see alot of people are wounded. Do you help them?
Ew.....they are all bloody

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