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Would you survive a Vampire Attack  quiz. A vampire atack is coming your way Thousands people wont make but will you Take this quiz to find out Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Would you survive a Vampire Attack?
A vampire atack is coming your way!Thousands people wont make but will you?Take this quiz to find out!

1. Have you been camping more than once in your life?
Of course
I`m a city person
Ive only been camping once
No but i`ve been strandedin the woods for a week or so.
2. Do you beleive in Ghost or vampires?
Ghost only
Vampire only
Ghost..but if there was a vampire envasion i would allways be ready.
3. A Knife is thrown at you from above.What do you do to avode it?
I`ll dodge it fastly!
Slow reaction i dodged but got sraped
Huh what?Some other person sacrificed to help you.
It splits right through your skull you couldnt see it!
4. Do you think your All so awesome?
Well it depends if i survive this attack.
Sure i guess.
ohh I know im all that!
Well i am a billion air with all the shoes in the world!
5. You boy or girl?
Will this affect my outcome?
...*to bust texting*
6. You see a gun on the ground..but a net above your head and a rope around the gun.What do you do?
Get the gun!!!
There might be a way to De-activate the trap
lalala oh a gun..if i get cought ill get out some how.
eww its way to dirty..Anybody have Germ-X?
7. The army of vampires is spreading fast..it doesnt seem to stop!What are you willin to do?!
Ill fight till the end!
Its to late ill give up
Well today was my B-day..my present will be..Run!!!!
But I want to drink blood right now!(got bit bye a vampire)
8. You love this quiz?
Sorry to busy slicing vampire heads!
oh what yeah its cool
It rocks*allmost gets killed bye a vampire)
Sorry im texting ask me later.
9. Do you think youll live?
Of course
Dnt know until its done.
Are you kidding!?No!
Im allready dead.

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Created on:11/29/2009 5:33:01 PM
Made by:Chips12385

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