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Would you survive a tiger attack? quiz. rawr.

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Would you survive a tiger attack?
rawr. (e)

1. You are just sitting in your little grass hut when a tiger bursts through the door. What do you do? (Keep in mind more will be coming.)
Play dead, lie on your stomach and cover your neck with your hands.
Grab your knife and attempt to fight it off.
Grab the torch from the wall and attempt to fight it off with the flame.
Run away.
2. The tiger has either gone away or you have killed it. It had completely demolished your hut, though, so you are standing in the rainforest. What do you do?
Climb a tree to avoid being attacked by a tiger.
Pack light and head for the nearest city.
Try to make a makeshift shelter out of your hut.
Grab everything and head for the mountains.
Stay exactly where you are, you will be rescued by a local hunter.
3. Either way, you decide to head towards the city. You can take 5 paths to the city:
Take the old unpaved road that cuts through the rainforest.
Go through the rainforest.
Go through the mountains.
Swim along the river.
You are not sure, but you believe that there is a city only a mile to the west. Go to that city sted
4. You are walking along when a group of hungry, enraged tigers circles around you. What do you do?
Hide under a large nearby rock.
Run, Forrest, Run!
Grab your torch and try to ward them off.
Grab your knife and fight to the death!
Climb a nearby tree and make your way along the forest canopy.
5. A tiger walks toward you and says he can speak English. He says he can lead you to a nearby town. Do you trust him?
NO!!!! Stab the Mother f******!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Trust him. Discard all of your weapons.
It`s probably a mirage. Just ignore it. You`re really hungry anyway.
Trust him, but keep your torch and knife at handy, just in case he wants to attack you.
6. OMG dust storm! What do you do!!??!!!??
If you are on the tiger, tell him to speed up!!!
If you are not on the tiger, run!!!
Cover yourself with a cloth and wait for the storm to pass.

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