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would you survive a series of unfortunate events quiz. based on the movie plz be honest about your answers Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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would you survive a series of unfortunate events
based on the movie plz be honest about your answers

1. your stuck in a locked car on the train trackes and the train is coming what do you do be honest
brake out the window
make some clever contraptions to turn the train
scream and hope someone will come to your help
try kicking open the doors
2. count olaf a murdurer is at the door with a knife what do you do be honest
run away
kick em where it hurts
try to slam the door on him
3. hes in the house he is going to kill your uncle what do you do to warn him be honest
yell it out loud
make him a little note and hope he belives you
try to prove hes evil
run away
4. you faild to warn him he died now you live with your aunt josuphine shes afraid of every thing
shes crazy
5. you are going shopping there you meet olaf again nobody belives you he trickes your aunt into loving him they run off without you quick you run home to try and stop him its too late you find a note what do you do
read it
give it too the cops
6. theres a code in the note you discover remember your aunt loves spelling and grammer
you try and deciphire it
run and hope somone else will do it for you
read it
7. you solve the riddle with three out comes choose wisely
cordeld coive
curdled cave
curdlald cave
8. if you chose number two you chose right plz dont go back and switch answers do you
boat over to the cave
call the cops have a police escort there
swim over there
9. you find your aunt at curdled cave and convince her to come back uh oh
what is it?!?!
what happends next!!??
10. your in the middle of the lake and the super leaches attack do you
smack am with the paddle
scream push in you aunt hope they take her instead
jump out and hope you can smim faster
spread your wings and fly weee!!!
11. none of those worked you were saved but your aunt died
strange everyone dies in this film
why does everyone die????
how could they do that
OMG what?!? why would they do that
13. now in stead of killing you he trys to take your fortune by marrying you p.s. sorry of your a boy lol
im way too young
ill stop him bye not saying ``i do``
lets get it over with hurry it up
14. your brother saved you hurray THE END
im still sad
aww i wanted to get married

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