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Would you survive a mass school shooting attack quiz. After hearing about TJ Lane s shooting  I was inspired to make this quiz Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Would you survive a mass school shooting/attack
After hearing about TJ Lane's shooting, I was inspired to make this quiz.

1. You hear a very loud bang from what seemed to come from down the hallway, a little way from your classroom. The principal then announces over the loud speaker "Lockdown! This is not a drill, I repeat lockdown!" Do you,
Panic and cry
Try to be calm
Think of who the shooter could be
Run into the hallway
2. The shooter is trying to get into the classroom. Do you
Stay where you are.
Slowly approach the front/back of the room.
Open the door
Be quiet and grap some sort of weapon
3. The shooter enters the room. One after one classmates try to flee to the back of the room but get shot as they do so. Do you
Follow them to the back of the room
Slowly get as low to the ground as possible and find an object to shield yourself with
Try to run out of the room
Let the shooter find and kill you
4. The shooter sees you and you run into the hallway. The shooter begins to chase you, do you
Run in a zig zag line making it harder for the shooter to fatally hit you
Run for the nearest classroom
5. The shooter successfully shoots you in the lower calf. Do you
Fall to the ground and cry
Don`t give up and keep running for safety
Attack the shooter
6. You are running when you hear a loud click behind you. That`s when you realize the shooter is reloading his gun. Do you
Run down the stairs towards an exit
Try to hide in a random locker
Use this as your time to strike
Wait for the shooter to reload his gun and continue chasing you
7. You realize that the shooter is friends with your older sibling(brother or sister). Do you
Try to ask them why they are doing this
I don`t care who they are. My life matters more!
Plead for your life
8. Once the shooter realizes the police are going to arrive soon, he tries to flee the scene. Do you
Follow him
Ask for a ride home from school

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Created on:1/3/2017 9:19:33 PM
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