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Would you survive a kidnapping  quiz. Requested by my pals  fleur and storys  aka angel    and seanymph     fleur did a similar quiz  but decided it sucked  so here i am  enjoy  NOTE  THERE ARE SOME REALLY STUPID OPTIONS HERE    DISCLAIMER  IT IS HIGHLY UNLIKELY IN A REAL KIDNAPPING THAT THE KIDNAPPERS WOULD BE SO CARELESS Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Would you survive a kidnapping?
Requested by my pals, fleur and storys (aka angel151 and seanymph151) fleur did a similar quiz, but decided it sucked, so here i am. enjoy. NOTE: THERE ARE SOME REALLY STUPID OPTIONS HERE!!! DISCLAIMER: IT IS HIGHLY UNLIKELY IN A REAL KIDNAPPING THAT THE KIDNAPPERS WOULD BE SO CARELESS.

1. Scenario I: Would you get kidnapped in the first place? You`re taking a shortcut back to your house after school. A man in a black jacket seems to be stalking you.
Double back to the school!!
Stop and yell "Is anyone there?! I know you`re there!!"
Keep walking calmly, occasionally checking over your shoulder.
2. The same hooded man has followed you to an alley. He`s on one end, and on the other is a fence.
Scale the fence.
Hide behind some garbage bags, hoping he won`t see you.
Charge at him with your fists!!
3. Suddenly, the man slams you against the wall. He isn`t armed, but you know you`re not as strong as he is.
Sag and give up (me: >.>)
Scream your head off.
Clobber him on the nose.
Stomp on his foot as hard as you can.
4. The man backs away from you for a second, releasing you from the wall. You slide down along the wall and land on the ground. Near the fence, there`s a shovel you could use as a weapon, but in the other direction, nothing cuts off your escape.
Grab the shovel and brain the guy, HARD.
Vault over the fence with the shovel.
Charge to the open end, free and clear.
Punch the guy and run.
5. Scenario II: Escaping. You`re halfway to getting away, but the guy grabs you in a headlock. Sunlight glints on something in his hand (Where`d he get that from? me: Idk.)
Fight uselessly.
Cry, hoping he`ll take pity on you.
6. He half drags you to a van where 2 other men are waiting. "Keep quiet and no one gets hurt." he growls in your ear. The man shoves you into the backseat.
Better shut up then...
Glare at them >.>
7. Two of the men hold you down while the third pours something on a cloth. Slowly, he lowers it towards your face...
*punches closest person*
Run!! Or try to...
Goodbye, cruel world...
8. The men`s faces grow fuzzy, and the world starts spinning. You black out...
*punches anything desperately*
Tell my mom I love her...
@&*^*^%@#)(&!$^@^!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (me: O.O)
9. You wake up with a headache in someone`s basement. One of the men is standing at the doorway. There are a few windows, but if you broke them, the guard would surely notice.
Search the room for something hard enough to knock out the guard...
Pace back and forth in the room.
Do the sad-puppy-face-please-help-me look on the guard
10. When the guard brings you your lunch, they leave the doorway unattended. You run out. There`s a set of stairs leading up, a hallway, and a doorway going outside. Which way do you run?
Upstairs. Easy way to lose the guys.
Outside. Quickest way outta here.
Down the hall. Idk.
Idc. Just some random direction, while screaming.
11. You manage to get outside, but the neighbourhood is completely deserted and the three men are chasing you by car. There`s an alleyway close to you, a neighbour`s house with the door wide open, and a small park. Where do you run?
Towards the alley.
Into the neighbour`s house.
To the park.
Just down the street.
12. Sorry it was short. Are you ready for your results?

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