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Would you survive a kidnapping?
hmm... 50% of the people who've taken this test didn't survive.... Will you be the first one?

1. Part One: Would you get kidnapped in the first place- Question one: You hear strange sound in the back yard. They`re getting closer and closer....
Quietly open the window and look outside
Lock all the windows and doors
Lock your bedroom door and window
2. You managed to lock yourself in the room, but suddenly, there`s a crash in your closet. What do you do?
Run out of your room
Look inside the closet...It`s probably my shoes
Lock the closet door
Grab the knife under your bed
3. The sounds have stopped, but you feel something lumpy in your bed. You.......
Try to sleep standing
Sleep on the lump anyways
Stay wide awake the entire night
Call the cops
4. It`s Saturday, and you are going to a concert. You`re walking and you see a shadow following you.
Walk faster and get to the concert quickly
Call the cops on your cell
5. The shadowy person catches up to you and slams you against a wall. He covers your mouth with a pad soaked with chloroform....
Try to break away
Sag and prepare for the worst
Look at him in the eyes and try to intimidate him
6. Part Two: Can you escape? Question One: You wake up in a dark basement, tied and gagged. Your captor appears at the door. You.........
Try to scream
Glare at him
Do nothing
Look away sadly.... He`s so cute......
7. He approaches and tells you to stand up.
You refuse.
No way!
Obey him. You`ve got no choice, right?
Sigh, and stand up
8. He leads you outside to an ambandoned park. You see a few police officers. What do you do?
Scream for help
Keep quiet. Your captor would just take you hostage
Squeak with hope. Maybe they`ll see you before your captor will notice
Do nothing. Your captor was stupid enough to take you out in the open.
9. Your captor sees the police and holds a dagger at your throat. You......
Still try to break free
Sigh and let your captor take you hostage
Try to meet your captor`s eyes. Maybe he`ll feel sorry for you....
10. Last question: You finally break free, but your captor`s at the end of the alley you`re in. The other side is a dead end. What do you do?
Scream for help
Try to run past him
Scale the wall
Run some random way. Hopefully he won`t be able to catch you......

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Created on:10/22/2009 7:06:30 PM
Made by:seanymph151

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