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Would you survive a Disney movie?
Because bursting out in song is totally normal.

1. Someone told you their parents were both brutally killed. You would say:
"What? Another orphan?"
"Well that`s graphic."
"That`s so sad!"
2. Someone is walking around in a park, and they burst out in song! You would:
Give them strange looks.
Join in!
3. You are minding your own business, eating Froyo, when you suddenly see lime green smoke. You:
Get the h*ll out of there.
Go investigate
Just keep eating my Froyo.
4. Someone is handing out apples. You:
Take the apples and throw them at her.
Don`t take any apples
Eat the free apples :D
5. A princess is coming to town! You would:
Stay at home. No big deal.
Offer a baby as a sacrifice to her majesty.
Go see her
6. You are a princess. Congrats! But you have a sister who is jealous and very violent.
Throw her in the dungeon.
Wait until something bad happens and then sing a song.
Behead her. >:3
7. (Your still a princess) Your parents say it`s far too dangerous outside, and that you should stay inside. You would:
Disobey them and be free!
Stay inside
Go outside and do drugs with the orphans :D

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Created on:3/12/2016 8:44:43 PM
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