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Survive a Day in the Life of Me
Would you be able to live one day of my life?

1. How important are your friends to you?
Doesnt matter, I dont have any
They are important to me but i could live without them for a while
Very important! I couldnt go a day without them!!
2. How loving does your dad have to be to you? (i never knew my mum)
he has to be very loving and take care of me!
Not really loving, but he has to be nice
It doesnt matter, my dad hates me.
3. Your dad comes home and starts yelling at you for no reason, you
Dont say anything and take it all in
Argu back because you did nothing wrong
Start to cry and get upset.
4. What is the WORST level of punishment you could stand?
Getting yelled at is bad enough
Getting grounded
Getting hit/beaten
Not being allowed food for a period of time (3 days)
5. You feel like your whole life isnt worth living, what do you do?
Get upset, start to cry. (emos- start cutting)
I would never feel like that! My life would be great!
I just keep it all inside of me so no one sees it
6. Imagine your 15 years old, and a mum to a little one year old girl. Your dad doesnt help you with anything for her, you
I coudlnt do it! Id need help!!
I have to wait until it actully happened
I could look after her and keep her happy
7. Your dad comes home drunk, you can tell he feels like punching someones face in, you
Go hide!! I dont want to get hurt
Call the cops. I need help.
Go hide your little girl and take the blows yourself
8. You havent been allowed to go to school since grade 3. You have no chance of ever getting a job, how do you feel?
The best ever! Who needs school? Who needs a job?
Completely freaking out!! I need/want a job when im older!!
Upset, but you cant do anything about it so you leave it be.
9. . You find out that you were an accident, neither your mum or your dad wanted you. And that your mum dumped you on your dad a day after you were born...
OMG!!! Id die!! I couldnt live knowing that!!
I dont care, not like it changes anything if i did.
Im really upset. And i tell myself its not true
10. You have to stay home and do chores all day, cooking, cleaning, entertaining little girl. Could you do that?
Yeah. Itd be easy...(Try it for your whole life)
No i couldnt do that! Id go crazy!!!
Id do it but id feel really stuffed after.
11. Rules: Dont go outside. Dont talk. Dont ask for anything. Dont eat/take anything unless it is given to you. Accept all punishment. Dont talk to anyone other than dad. Could you live with those rules?
No way! I cant do anything with those rules in place!!
I might be able to
Yeah. I guess

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Created on:6/30/2008 10:31:57 PM
Made by:Crying_Shame

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