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Would you survive a Covanent Attack
Halo lovers take this quiz!

1. The ships are coming into the atmoshere, what do you do
Cry to mommy
Tell every one to prepare for an attack
Prepare a boarding party and arm local ships with civilians
2. You and your men lost the south end of your base and you have a chance to flank them but that would leave your ships wide open for an attack what do you do
Do it who cares
leave half of my men to defend the other half to flank them
Run in circles
3. next question.
bring it on
say the D@mn question
4. ok...... you have taken back your base what do you do
Get the last of the civilions on the ships and retreat then press on the attack
5. who would you rather have as a school mate at the covanents "Nipple Acadamy (look on youtube at "funniest grunt catch phrase" or something like that)
Flip Yapp
Yapp Flip
Michale Jackson (Your Gay)
Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend

About This Quiz
Times Taken:1,873
Created on:6/26/2009 4:43:26 PM
Made by:samuel00100

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