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Would you survive a 39 year zombie attack?

1. Your were watching tv and heard someone screaming next door. you...
grab the nearest thing with you and wait
you borded up everything
send in the watcher dogs
do nothing
barge in
go to your nieghbors
2. You saw some survivors. you...
leave em. they`ll slow u down.
pick some up
kill them
take everyone. eve the ones with wierd bite marks!
3. you find out that your friend knows where to go. you..
believe him
think about it
screw him and shoot him
4. You find a parking lot full of cars. which one do you take?
the one that`s fast,duh!
the one that get easy off road and streets
off road
the one without a roof or trunk!
5. you enter a town full of zombies. you...
charge in and start shooting
try to sneak around
walk in and say hi!
6. in the end, you are hurt badly and have been infected. you
try to wade it out
you shoot yourself

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Times Taken:2,458
Created on:7/11/2008 3:20:28 PM
Made by:Shadowmario

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