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Supposedly funny quiz made by a bored loser quiz.    Don t take it  Im warning u now     why did I even make it Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Supposedly funny quiz made by a bored loser
...Don't take it, Im warning u now... (why did I even make it)

1. Does this look infected to you? *shoves their finger in the persons face*
Look, I can make it move!!! *grabs my hand and starts shaking hand violenly*
Well, actually....what?
Bob says that you should go see a doctor (Bob is my friends imaginary friend, wierd...)
Yes, I think- OMIGOD A BUTTERFLY!!! -chases it-
*cuts off finger* Problem solved!
*shoves out`ve their face and b` slaps me*
2. Why did the chicken cross the road?
The voices in its head told it to.
Chicken? I love chicken, it goes good with gravy!
Bcuz I told it to....with a knife in my hand...
It was being held hostage by the flying minature purple ponies on the other side of the street.
Bcuz it was a mob boss, and its ride was on the other side of town...with his limo...and his mansion
3. Finish this sentence: One day, I saw a clift and...
ran away from it screaming bloody murder, bcuz I know thats where the flying monkeys live.
Jumped off.
Blindfolded a random person and pushed them off it.
Shoved the dumpster I found the dead body in off it.
I smell cookies...
The question again?
4. How do you say italian in german?
oneamoneapiea (that one word I can`t spell)
*bangs hed agasnt wal which s actualy comprisd entirly of papr n freefals frm an 100story buildn*
Is this a trick question?
Um..... *randomly burrsts into uncontrolable laughter* stomach hurts *doubles in pain*
5. *takes out librarian glasses, begins reading outve a random book* Once upon a time, there was a time that was running out of time, so went to find more time, and exceedingly failed, from runnnig out of duz this story make you feel?
Sad....but made me bursting into laugher....
Read another story!!!
What was the point of that?
Considerably happy
What now?
Um..... *randomly begins laughing diabolically for an unknown reason*

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Times Taken:2,046
Created on:5/30/2007 4:42:06 PM
Made by:iwant2dienow

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