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What Supernatural creature are you?
So - crunch time. The moons' out and night has fallen. Your about to find out what you are!

1. If a mate comes to you tearfully for comfort, what do you do?
You walk off, not even bothering to excuse yourself -- after all, what does it matter to you?
You make a joke and eventually get them smiling.
You listen to their story and offer what advice you can - you dont want them to get hurt.
You listen to their story but can`t help thinking about what you need to do.
2. Without realising it, you`ve managed to dig yourself into a dangerous situation. Who do you turn to for help?
No one - itd your problem, so why drag anyone else into it?
Anyone - you badly need the help, no matter the cost!
No one - after all, if it`s dangerous, why endanger them?
3. You`ve forgotten to get your families christmas presents - Panic! What do you do?
Buy them quickly, while you still have time!
Never mind - after all, you can explain later, can`t you?
Nothing - why does it matter?
4. You see a prone body on ground in the town. What do you do?
Help whoever it is up.
Look them over for wounds - theres no telling what could have happened!
Leave them there - after all, whatever happened was obviously bad and could still be lurking around.
5. A person you hate has asked you for the bus fare home - their car`s broken. Or so they say.
Give him the money - treat others how you like to be treated.
Ignore them - they deserve it!
Give them the money but make the point of saying that it`s a one off.
Refuse point blank - it`s their own fault.
6. You`ve just bought a car. Your younger sibling wants to drive it but they dont have a license yet. Yes or no?
Yes - after all, if your there and in control, it`s safe.
Yes - why not? Lighten up!
No - it won`t be safe. What if you can`t react fast enough?
No. My car! They might dent it!
7. Panic over - the Christmas tree arrived without putting a hole in the roof. Now you have to get it out again. Before you move it, you stop to think. What do you do next?
Warn the family - you don`t want to hit any of them!
Move it, of course!
Neither - someone else can move it!
8. You have two coats on, and your still cold. But your mate is shivering in the bitter cold and stupidly forgot to put a jumper on. What do you do?
Offer them a coat - at least then were both slightly warm.
Nothing - it`s their own silly fault for forgetting!
Offer them a coat but warn them it might not happen again.
Smile and offer them both coats!

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