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Which Superhero Are You?
Are You Batman, Superman, etc?

1. What Are Your Super Powers?
I dont need them i strike fear into the heartd of my enemies
Super Speed
My powers come from my powered Robo-Suit Armor
I get my powers from my ring
I have so many powers it`s not even funny; Super Strength, flight, Laser vision, etc.
Monstrous uncontrollable strength
None, but im as powerful as a human can be and am the master of many fighting styles
I have the abilities of a spider
I use gadgets, my intellegence, and many forms of martial arts to do my job
2. Arch enemy?
Lex Luther
The Joker
The Leader
Red Skull
3. Favorite Color?
Don`t Have One
4. If your arch nemesis was trying to escape from you, what would you do?
Ha! Someone outrun me? That`s Hilarious!
I`d throw my sheild at him an knock him out!
I`d create a force field around him so he couldn`t escape
I`d shoot a web at him and pull him back
Let him run it`ll only heighten his fear when i chase after him
I`d throw a boomerang like weapon at his ankles and knock him down
I`d fly after him and get him in no time
I`d use an energy blast and destroy any means of escape
5. When Do You Prefer To Work?
I`ll work whenever there`s trouble
6. The Enemy is escaping and you`re closest friend is about to be crushed by a trap your enemy layed, what do you do? Save Your friend, or catch the bad guy?
I have no choice but to save my friend I fly over and stop the crushing object with pure strength
I`m so fast I save my friend and catch the bad guy
I quickly blast a rope around my friend and pull him to safety, lettting the enemy escape
I quickly dash over and save my friend just barely getting us both to safety
I shoot a web at both my friend and the enemy and pull them to me, saving my friend and catching the
7. Any Weaknesses?
My Anger is Both My Weakness and My Strength
When my suit runs out of power
A Loaded Gun
8. What`s your costume like?
Very Dark, with a bat on the chest
Red, White, and Blue
It`s blue and red, with a web design
Green and black
Whatever I was wearing when I transformed
Very Dark, with a blue bird on the chest
I have a Robo-Suit
Red, with some lightning designs
Red, and blue, with a cape, and a big S on the chest

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