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What summer food are you  quiz. Summer s the perfect time to take a bite out of life  and this quiz is hungry for a big bite of you  Wanna know which icy cool  or broilin  hot  summer snack you are Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What summer food are you?
Summer's the perfect time to take a bite out of life, and this quiz is hungry for a big bite of you. Wanna know which icy cool (or broilin' hot) summer snack you are?

1. Nothing works up an appetite like...
Hiking in the woods
Swimming underneath a waterfall
A rousing game of kickball
Entertaining a little kid all day
Hanging out on the boardwalk on a summer afternoon
2. Pick a way to get yourself moving on a hot summer day:
Jumping on a trampoline
Riding a surfboard
Riding a bike
3. Here`s a question for your nose: Which summer thing smells the best?
Smoke from a campfire
A field of wildflowers
A swimming pool
A wet bathing suit
An inflatable raft
4. And now it`s your ears` turn: What`s your favorite summer sound?
A merry go round in the distance
An ice cream truck in the distance
The roar of the crowd at an outdoor rock show
The clickety-whirr of a lawn sprinkler
The organ music at a baseball game
5. If they all paid exactly the same, which summer job would you want?
Mini-golf attendant
Lifeguard at a popular beach
Token-seller in an air-conditioned arcade
Yoga teacher in a cool, breezy studio
Little kids` face-painter
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No :(

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Created on:7/16/2009 4:36:17 PM
Made by:quiz199712

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